We know how stressful data loss can be and understand that the last thing that you want right now is a sales pitch or to take on the risks involved in shipping your sensitive data drive(s) into the abyss.
If you have experienced a hard drive failure or data loss, Tri-State Data Recovery can help. We offer best-in-class laboratory data recovery services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the entire Tri-State Area. We have successfully recovered data from thousands of damaged hard drives and solid-state drives for local government, businesses and private individuals alike.. most with added complications from other failed attempts. At Tri-State Data Recovery we are so devoted to providing you with the best possible attempt at recovering your precious data that our team has spent years traveling the globe to partake in extensive developer trainings and in-lab collaborations with other experienced data recovery engineers worldwide that share a passion for quality workmanship and advanced practice.

We accept all hard drives, solid state drives, usb flash drives, SD Cards and RAID arrays from any desktop, laptop, or portable hard drive with any interface and offer one of the most beneficial and fair data recovery referral programs in the nation. See you soon!

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Professional In-Lab Data Recovery Services Offered 


Is your portable drive beeping or clicking? Have you dropped your portable Western Digital passport drive or banged your Seagate one touch drive? As technology advances, reliability for these type of hard drives has become a major concern. We can help at our advanced laboratory in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Tri-State Data Recovery has been trusted by numerous fortune 500 companies right down to your favorite sports teams and professional photographers. We are the nations experts at recovering your lost databases from critical failed RAID servers, DROBO systems, VM’s, and all other RAID and NAS configurations quickly in our advanced laboratory in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


While SSD is designed for speed and performance, it isn’t engineered for longevity and constantly degrades with use. Tri-State Data Recovery uses the most advanced techniques with European technology to assess firmware issues, degraded NAND chips and even provide chip off data recovery in certain cases We offer best-in-class data recovery services on all SSD and NVMe drives in our advanced laboratory in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Apple iMac – MacBook

Whether you’re dealing with a MacBook air SSD or a iMac Fusion drive we have extensive experience working with Apples proprietary file systems and hardware.  Don’t waste time dealing with the geniuses who will gladly advise you to ship your sensitive drive across the country.  We offer best in class data recovery services on Mac hard drives and solid state drives in our advanced laboratory in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


With over 20 years’ experience working with spinning hard disk drives along with state-of-the-art equipment and world-class training, we can assess the failure accurately and provide a fair quote moving forward with the recovery attempt in a timely fashion at our advanced laboratory in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


We specialize in micro soldering techniques which we incorporate in repairing bent or damaged usb flash drives. If the board cannot be repaired or isn’t damaged, then more advanced methods like removing and decoding the NAND chips or adjusting the reading current can usually be performed for recovering the data from failing usb flash drives or SD CARDS.

How Much Does Professional Laboratory Data Recovery Cost?

The cost of data recovery can vary greatly depending on the type/capacity of the drive and the extent of damage. In order for us to provide you with an accurate quote we must first perform an extensive diagnostic on the failed media drive in our advanced laboratory outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We charge a nominal fee of $75 plus tax for the time involved in this thorough analysis. Our engineer can then determine the level of data recovery and the time involved in the recovery attempt, providing you with a firm quote which will include the cost of parts required to repair the drive. At Tri-State Data Recovery there are no hidden fees and you could expect costs between $400 to $2,500 for a single drive. A new hard drive to extract the recovered data onto can be supplied from you or you’ll have the choice to purchase a new drive from us. *Advanced cases that would fall out of this category would be discussed before any commitment.

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Latest Reviews

Dave GagliardiDave Gagliardi
04:34 02 Dec 22
Don at Tri State Data Recovery is a pleasure to deal with. He got some data recovery done for me within a few days. I had gotten a computer a few years ago at a big electronics store (BestBuy), and the SSD failed, and that store's G-Squad couldn't get the data off the hard drive. I called Tri State Data Recovery, and I was able to get an appointment soon, and met with Don, who is a wealth of information. He is friendly and helpful, and right away gives you a feeling that you've gone to the right place. He contacted me later that day and said he was fairly sure he could recover most or all of the data, and he gave me a timeframe of a few days, and then exactly on the day he said it would be ready, he contacted me again and said that he got it all done successfully, and at the promised price. It was top notch customer service, and I cannot imagine any better service. I am recommending to the company that I work for, that if we need data recovery services, that Don at Tri State Data Recovery should be enlisted for that. If you ever have the need for Data Recovery services, you should call Don at Tri State Data Recovery. He is extremely knowledgeable, and he is more than willing to teach you about how to avoid the problems that led you to his services, and to generally educate you about hard drives, and other electronic storage devices, plus its likely that he'll be able to assist in recovering data for you, although he notes that there are some times when data cannot be recovered. But he can guide you on what devices to buy (or avoid buying), and about backing-up data, so that you'll never need his services. Overall, my experience with Tri State Data Recovery could not have been better. I wish every business were this good.
Matthew GrothMatthew Groth
04:26 14 Nov 22
Don did an awesome job in recovering the data from my hard drive that had failed with little warning. I feared that much of the stuff was lost forever, but thanks to Don's efforts about 99.9% of it was able to be recovered. What a relief! I would highly recommend Tri-State Data Recovery Services for anybody who finds themselves in a similar situation.
Rad DRad D
10:00 24 Oct 22
Don does the great job. Most likely the best data recovery service in the country. They won't ship your hard drive out of state or even out of the country, they do all the work on site. There are a lot of computer stores offering this service, but all they do is outsource it. Tri-State saves you money y doing everything in house. Very highly recommended.
Roger WilsonRoger Wilson
15:52 23 Oct 22
Don was great! He managed to recover all my data from a hard drive that was corrupted and kept shutting down. The job was done quickly and the results were well worth the cost, saving me a TON of time and effort to reconstruct the information. He also provided guidance on backup systems and utilities to help avoid a similar incident in the future. Highly recommend!!
Elaine LeighElaine Leigh
15:41 20 Oct 22
What a lifesaver! Don was extremely helpful, honest, and thorough in helping me recover really important data on a damaged external hard drive. He was available and communicated with me every step of the way and helped me get everything back! I am so impressed and would highly recommend this service for your most challenging data recovery needs.
Katie PresslerKatie Pressler
18:27 13 Sep 22
HIGHLY Recommend Tri-State Data Recovery for any data loss. This company is the real deal - there are many companies that pose as recovery specialists but they will send your device to a 3rd party "recovery business" and will scam you for your money and not recover your data. Not the case with Tri-State! They were able to recover 98% of my data which has me speechless because I was convinced I would never see my files again. Don informs you of each step in the process making it smooth and easy. Couldn't be more grateful!
Edge of Cinema CinemaEdge of Cinema Cinema
15:17 08 Sep 22
Don helped us recover a drive that went haywire and could have cost us an incredible loss to production. Thankfully, Don was able to quickly recover everything. He's fast, informative throughout the process, and gave us great information to avoid issues like this in the future. If you've experienced a loss of data, call Tri-State Data Recovery Services first!
Kyle HKyle H
15:47 22 Jul 22
what an amazing experience I had at Tri State Data. I highly recommend using them. I had my main server for my company go down and my back up failed and not only did Don get me right in because it was an emergency, but he did it fast and didn't take advantage of me on price when everyone else I called clearly was. They were fast and got 100% recovery which from what I hear isn't easy to do. They saved me months of data entry Do yourself a favor and call them you will not regret it!
Heather TeterHeather Teter
12:33 17 May 22
Don was a life saver with being able to save my files. I had a passport external drive and it wasn't loading to my Mac or any other devices. I asked around and was directed to Don. I was super happy that he was local and I could drive to his office. I really didn't want to mail my drive somewhere. I wanted to be able to have a conversation and be able to trust the person with my files. Don is very knowledgeable, kind and I trust him. I spoke with him on the phone and then delivered my drive later that day. He was able to take a look at it and was able to save about 95% of my files. WONDERFUL! The drive had business files, personal files and photos on it. He did such a wonderful job and was quick. I was able to pickup the recovered files within the week. Thank You Don! I really appreciate it! :)

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