300 dollar data recovery referral program

$300 Dollar Data Recovery Referral Program

Are you a managed solution provider or IT firm that receives the occasional damaged hard drive, NAS, or failed RAID array in for data recovery?  Tri-State Data Recovery is pleased to announce the nation’s most beneficial data recovery referral program from one of America’s most capable professional data recovery firms.  Rather than running software programs that can cause further damage or complete data loss on failing drives or outsourcing the drive while you play middleman, there is now a better option that will give your client the best odds of a successful data recovery by avoiding any confusion, delays, denial of quotes, and legal responsibility caused from the outsourcing process.

Best of all you can earn up to $300 or even more on successful referrals paid immediately upon completion!

Sending your client to the company that advertises the cheapest rate in hopes of saving them money often backfires.  Some companies advertise the cheapest or flat rates to lure in potential clients.  While this is a very deceiving process considering it is their starting point which is like most other data recovery companies’ level one rate.  These type of companies focuses on the quick and easy cases while turning the more time consuming or advanced cases away once they receive them.  They also tamper with the drive in the process which can make the recovery more time consuming or expensive or even cause complete data loss for the client.

Tri-State Data Recovery has been providing professional data recovery services and working with select IT providers for over 15 years.  We have invested over 5 years of global travel and developer training that cannot be found in America along with the most advanced technology available in the industry.  We understand the process completely and appreciate the referrals from our partners so much that we offer a staggering 10% commission on approved and completed cases.  Most large companies offer a low flat rate of $50, promise the lowest cost, or allow you to outsource and tack on whatever fee you’d like.  There is also a lack of communication from dealing with their sales department instead of the engineer working on the case.  Our approach is fair to you and fair to your client all while avoiding unethical business practices and potential legal issues caused from such techniques.

We have designed the $300 Data Recovery Referral Program to provide a more reasonable and beneficial way for service providers to work with a professional data recovery lab while offering a hefty commission.  To get started you can simply refer the client to our website TriStateData.com.  All the information on starting the process is located on the site along with a pricing guide that you can point out so that the client understands the potential costs and what is involved in professional data recovery.  The authorization form to start the process is located on the website which the client must complete.  Please note that there is a “referred by” section on the form that the client must state your company name so that the referral is paid to you.  You can also use our contact form to send us your information and client information so that we can expect the case and note you as the referrer.

Our referral rate is 10% of the approved and completed case paid immediately.  Not all cases qualify for a $300 dollar data recovery referral.  The average cleanroom case for example is around $1500 which would qualify you for a $150 referral however an average RAID 5 recovery could end up costing $4000 which would entitle you to a $400 referral.  At Tri-State Data Recovery & Forensics, LLC you will work with the engineer assigned to your case. We look forward to working with you!

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