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The flat rate data recovery lure -Explained

Flat rate or Flat service? As the niche industry known as data recovery becomes more and more flooded with PC repair shops, technology solution providers, cell phone repair stores and even the big box electronics stores tapping into the professional data recovery industry, the confusion, deception, and fraud has reached a global climax.

DIY Data Recovery and YouTube

As videos of data recovery techniques in America on YouTube has skyrocketed in the last few years, it may seem like a logical thing to try.  Watching some videos on YouTube about data recovery may even provide a better insight on that individuals techniques, good or bad, but be warned, without a proper understanding of how a drive accesses data and functions, you may be in for an irrevocable disaster. 

Is shipping my hard drive for data recovery safe?

While this article will go into more detail regarding the overwhelming unreliability of American shipping services and the affect it is having in terms of data loss, I would like a moment to first give a brief description and example of the effects caused from a critical data loss.

Data Recovery negligence in America

As a professional data recovery laboratory, imagine receiving case after case of drives destroyed from negligent practices and parties left devastated.  Some will be victims of lawsuits from losing their clients’ work.  Our objective at Tri-State Data Recovery & Forensics LLC is to build awareness of the rapid incline of unscrupulous activity in “data recovery services”, and by creating a more honest and educated industry for the future of America.

Is backing up my DATA to the cloud safe?

Many of our clients ask the question “Is backing up to the cloud safe?”.  In this article we will go over the risks involved in backing up your data to the cloud and true personal experiences that we’ve encountered involving cloud security.

The lifespan of a hard drive

In this article I will explain the common misconceptions found all over the internet regarding the lifespan of a hard drive.  After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of how and why a hard drive fails.