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Why is TRISTATEDATA.COM different?

What makes TriStateData.com different?
Modern hard drives have no fault tolerance or room for error. So why are companies continuously attempting to provide this service using mediocre methods ignoring the facts?

$300 Dollar Data Recovery Referral Program

Are you a managed solution provider or IT firm that receives the occasional damaged hard drive, NAS, or failed RAID array in for data recovery?  Tri-State Data Recovery is pleased to announce the nation’s most beneficial data recovery referral program from one of America’s most capable professional data recovery firms.

A mother’s plea to find a local data recovery laboratory

At the end of another summer on an unusually humid day, the phone rang.
A woman on the other side of the line pleaded like a mother with an ill child.., “I need your help!”.
Sensing the emotion in her voice, I calmly replied “Tell me what happened?”

A Secure Data Recovery Service in Pennsylvania

Are you searching for a secure data recovery service in Pennsylvania? Tri-State Data Recovery offers Best-in-Class secure data recovery services in our local laboratory right outside of Philadelphia. Avoid using unsecure third parties and shipping methods for data recovery on your sensitive device. Call to schedule your laboratory visit today

X-Ray Inspection used for Advanced Data Recovery in Philadelphia

With all the advancements in Technology over the last few decades it almost feels like we’re ready to step into a scene from Bladerunner and hop in a flying car! 
X-RAY a MacBook SSD or an intel M.2 by moving the slider to the right! Can you discover the different levels on the circuit board or trace the wires?