What makes TriStateData.com different?
Modern hard drives have no fault tolerance or room for error.  When they fail because of mechanical reasons unprofessional attempts can render any legitimate laboratory recovery impossible.  So why are companies continuously attempting to provide this service using mediocre methods which ignore the facts and continuously risk the loss of important DATA?

Many failed storage drives will never reach our lab and many potential clients will never understand our passion for helping people. When we receive a case for data recovery, we do not label it with a number, rather a name as we get to know the story behind the loss. The names of our cases coincide with the value of what was lost as we listen to their stories with compassion and empathy.  By the time these heartbroken souls have reached us seeking recovery of their invaluable memories or work, it is often too late.  We cannot guarantee the results but we can guarantee that we will put in our greatest effort in helping a company retrieve their lost work or most cherished memories using the knowledge that has been obtained throughout our journey.

Despite our greatest efforts into building awareness of professional data recovery services, our message is constantly covered like a heavy blanket of despair.  Every heart that skips a beat when the news is broken must be carefully caught in a soft embrace and comforted with the realization that there are other things in life that matter more.  New memories will be created and cherished.  Back up what is important to you and in life.  #MyDataMatters


Data Recovery Loss
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