Here’s what some of our happy clients’ had to say about our services:

I had a damaged keypad encrypted drive (Apricorn, 2TB) with a significant amount of complex data. Unfortunately, the hard drive crashed – and was not backed up – and Tri-State was amazing with helping to recover the data!!  They worked quickly on recovering the data and helped to provide a solution within my budget. I highly recommend Tri-State Data Recovery and I really appreciated their professionalism.
Seamus Kelleher

Tri State Data Recovery is a great service. I had a damaged drive with a draft of book I have been working on. Before going to Don, I was told there was little hope of recovering the information I needed. Don made it happen and now I’m back to finishing my first book thanks to his amazing work. Thanks Don, I might even give him a book credit!

The experience I had at Tri-State Data Recovery was exceptional. Don was able to recover a drive for me which was not achievable by any other means. He explained the process of recovery and was extremely fast, turning around the recovery in a couple of days. He also advised me on future data back-up options, which are more robust than cloud storage. The premises are impeccable and actually quite extraordinary. I would not hesitate to use Tri-State Data Recovery again.

American Water

Tri State Data recovery exceeded my expectations. We had a hard drive at the office die, and of course the hard drive was not backed up. Don was able to recover all of the data within a day! Highly recommended.

Mac Sobelewski, American Water Works

Amazing service and expertise. Don knew what he was doing and exceeded our expectations following a dual disk failure on our Solaris RAID.
We shipped him 2 Seagate Cheetah drives from our Dell Power Vault.
He worked through the night to recover our data and get us back in production.
I would recommend him to anyone who has experienced a serious data failure.

Tri-State Data Recovery did it again and saved us. Fantastic recovery with fast and professional service. Well worth the value. Call Tri-State Data Recovery and you won’t be disappointed!

Michael Jozwiak, Director, Code Enforcement - City of Lansdowne

I researched my options extensively (and obsessively) across Philly and New York. Once I read through Tri-State Data Recovery’s stellar reviews and spoke to Don on the phone twice, I knew this was the way to go and was completely confident that he could do everything that the big LA shop could do (and likely with better odds). Seeing his space and clean room corroborated this – in addition to his impressive training, his workspace is cutting-edge (and well-designed!). He graciously gave me a tour to help me visualize the process – I knew my computer would need some serious surgery to remove the drive and he showed me his microsoldering station and a bunch of other cool stuff. When I left my computer with him, I felt an enormous sense of relief knowing that it was in the best hands possible.

Don initially told me he would need a few days to assess the computer, so imagine my surprise when he emailed me that same evening (literally hours later) with the news that he was confident he could recover the data – I was overjoyed and totally overcome with relief and emotion. He started work and recovered my data in full – it was ready for pick-up DAYS later – and let me underscore that it was at a much, much more reasonable rate than the folks in California quoted me.

Don’s process for recovery is professional, organized and makes it so easy on the customer. He is a benevolent person who is helping people who are at a seriously low point, and he does so with integrity and empathy. I am so thankful for his kindness, and his genius skill set at data recovery.

Jennifer Easton, Philadelphia, PA

I recently suffered a complete failure of my hard drive. After another company was unable to help, Tri-State recovered all of my data. Owner Don Anderson did a difficult job with consummate professionalism and obvious skill. Highly recommended.

Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff, Greater New York City Area Government Administration

Don was exceptional to work with in recovering our firm’s data that was stored on an external hard drive. Before identifying Tri-State Data Recovery, I had taken my external hard drive to two big box stores to assist in the recovery of the data. Each told me that it was impossible to recover the data and that it was likely lost forever. After some research, I found Tri-State Data Recovery and I took the external drive to Don for a third opinion. Don found a way to recover all of my data and files. Zero data loss on this recovery. In addition, my external hard drive presented yet another obstacle as all of the documents had been encrypted. Yet again, Don found a way through the encryption to recover all my firm’s data. Don is worth every penny and I would absolutely without a doubt recommend others to use Tri-State Data Recovery for your data recovery needs.

David M Sborz, Andrews & Springer LLC

He was very honest with me. I have to admit because of the size of the drive and the amount of information on it, the price at first seem to be a bit steep. But he reassured me that if he could not recover the information then there would be no fee. I got the information recovered at a rate of 99.9%. The one file that was questionable was still usable. This is a business that I consider to be very honest with their work.

Marty Krzywonos, Levittown, PA

Tri-State Data Recovery Saved My Life. Like most people, my life was contained within the confines of the damaged hard drive of my laptop computer. Unlike most people I had not backed up irreplaceable data which included a manuscript of new novel in progress as well as a pdf file of a published novel. As an author, I have learned a very valuable lesson. From the moment that I first met Don Anderson I knew that I could trust him to do whatever he could to salvage my lost data. He came through for me, not only retrieving my manuscripts, but, also, family photos and a music collection that I could never replace. I can’t wait for the opportunity to recommend Tri-State Data Recovery to friends and family members in need.

Larry Batchelor, Philadelphia, PA

A year into starting my own business I lost every file ever created for every client!!! I tried tech support at a large electronics company but they were extremely expensive and the turnaround time was super slow. It would have taken weeks to just find out if the information was recoverable or not. I then found Don at Tri-State Data Recovery who started work on my project instantly on a Friday night. All was retrieved with a super fast turnaround! Don was professional, knowledgeable and saved me! I’d give him 6 stars if I could!

Joanne Caputo Mitchell, Blue Bell, PA

How would you feel if you permanently lost 30 years of your personal & professional data? Sick right?. Well coming to Don that’s how I felt when my hard drive crashed and Geek Squad hedged on their ability to find & preserve my data. I’m glad I pursued a second opinion and found Don. He is calm, very responsive and very, very professional. He immediately took out my drive, escorted me up to his “laboratory” and did a brief scan. 36 hours later he contacted me to tell me it was ready for pickup. I was pleased to find my computer back to normal with a new Drive + a new Thumb drive with a backup of my files and folders AND 100% of my data restored. Was it cheap? No it wasn’t. But losing some or much of my data would have been FAR, FAR worse! If you’re in the same pickle I was, I have 3 suggestions – get a second opinion + go to the best ( that’s Don Anderson) + make backing up your data your new religion. Thank you Don!!

Chris Poole, New Providence, Pennsylvania

I won’t go into the details. But if you ever think you’ve lost data or pictures (ahem), these people can help. They saved my life recently!

Jess Clark Uff, Havertown, PA

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Budapest data recovery

Ez az egyetlen cég, amelyre HDD adatmentésem rábíznám, nagyon ajánlom.

Csaba Biro - Budapest, Hungary, Biro Asset Management, LLC

Excelente!!! O trabalho foi muito rápido e os meus dados 100% recuperados. Recomendo a Tri-State Data Recovery para todos. Muito Obrigada Don Anderson por salvar documentos tão importantes.

Mariana Gerage Maggioni, Piracicaba, Brazil

I am from Guyana (South America). We contacted Tri-State Data Recovery & Forensics LLC for a particular job that everyone was declaring as “impossible”. The help, customer care and returns from this company was exceptional. Not only was I able to recover the critical files needed, I also got it on time and was even able to review the process (and make decisions) before making payment.
Thanks Don! Thanks Tri-State Data Recovery.

Yog Mahadeo, Guyana, South America
Center City Film & Video

Don Anderson of Tri-State Data Recovery & Forensics saved us! He met with us within a couple of hours of our call for help, assessed our situation for a nominal fee and quickly got to work. We had reassurance by close of business that our work was likely 95% retrievable. We saw him late morning on a Fri and had our data restored and in our hands mid day Monday. Aside from the prompt action, Don was the ultimate professional. The facility is state of the art and he is kind, reassuring and accommodating. Everyone is in a rush and I was worried he wouldn’t be able to deliver. But he did! Hopefully I’ll never need to go back to Don and Tri-State, but if I have the need, he’s our FIRST call. And extremely relieved that he was local to our area vs having to ship a drive or go to New York. Bravo! Thanks again Don! Truly a pleasure doing business with you!

I spent more money shooting a feature film in 35mm than I invested in buying a house. The award-winning film, White Men Can’t Rap, was edited and resided on a drive, but I was unable to access the data. I dropped it off at Tri-State and in 48 hours, the largest investment of my life was returned to me in a form that I could deliver it to a Hollywood studio. And, as a bonus, Don showed me a backup option that would ensure that I wouldn’t run into this type of problem in the future. Tri-State did an excellent job…and he’s got a great dog!

Rick Morris, King of Prussia, PA
Rosetree Films

As you can imagine if you need to call someone for data recovery you’re probably in a bad position and mine was no exception. I was in the process of backing up my main hard drive containing the only copies of my clients’ video footage when my 1 1/2 year old knocked the drive to the floor. I immediately became sick with fear and started playing out the lawsuits in my mind. I found Don’s company on-line.  I called and he answered even thought it was on a Saturday! He immediately checked the drive and gave me some hope. He then did a bunch of research and found a process that could raise the possibility of recovery significantly. He gave me regular status updates along the way and was able to recover the whole drive with his new technique! Tri-State Data Recovery is very professional and thorough and I highly recommend them for all of your data recovery needs. Thanks again Don!

David Rosenzweig, Rosetree Films
darby creek valley association

Tri State Data Recovery saved me. My external hard drive stopped working, I did not have a back up , and all my work files were on there. I work for a non-profit and was working on a grant. Other places were going to send it out and it would have taking over 14 days. Tri-State does everything on site and they were able to put a rush on it. Thankfully recovered 100% of my files!

After losing business critical files, Tri-State was able to recover EVERYTHING. I spent a day calling different places and Tri-State was the only that left me with a good impression. They OVER-DELIVERED on their promise on timing and got right to my case. I would highly recommend!

Robert Bannon, Doylestown, PA

I dropped my WD passport Ultra external while it was still in a case. The drive stopped working and I was unable to see the drive on any computer I tried. I had my thesis data on the drive, which was very critical for my doctorate work. Don was a miracle find. He was available on a Sunday and was willing to diagnose the drive in the evening. He worked very fast and recovered 100% of my data in less than two days! He was very professional and kept me posted on the status of my drive throughout the recovery procedure. He also gives you an estimate of how much it may cost – a lower and upper limit, which most other firms will not do. I would highly recommend Don to anyone who has valuable data on a hard drive that has likely kicked the bucket.

Pavan Vedula, Philadelphia, PA

I called Don after my wife’s MacBook Pro drive crashed. Don was the best, walked us through the process and couldn’t have been more up front about what we were facing. He saved us hundreds of dollars and recovered over 1,500 pictures & videos of our 3 children that were priceless in our eyes. I can’t say enough about how Don treated us, he is a class act and very good at what he does!

Jon Stephenson, Doylestown, PA

When my expansion drive stopped responding I was totally panicked because I had thousands of family photos saved there. Don diagnosed the situation and had it fixed in 24 hours with almost 100% recovery. It was reassuring to know who was working on my drive, and I didn’t have to wait days or weeks to get answers. He also set me up with a new system to back up my pictures so this sort of thing does not happen again. If I do run into problems again I know where I’m going.

Christopher Cook, Furlong, PA

Don at Tri-State Data was able to recover the files from one of our teachers laptops (Delaware County Christian School)! Our experience with Tri-State was excellent–professional, thorough, and speedy service.

Deborah DeLecce, Delaware County Christian School

My portable hard drive was accidentally dropped months ago but just stopped working last week. I had just opened a new bakery and it had all of my important documents on there. I called Don and he was able to meet with me the next day. He showed me his lab which is amazing and took a look at the drive. He was able to recover everything from the drive in a matter of a couple days. Don is great at what he does and we highly recommend him. I hope we don’t need him again but if another drive crashes I know where to take it. Thanks Don.

Jennifer Singer, Barry's Buns in Chestnut Hill

Don was amazing! I dropped my passport and it was making a clicking noise. After a quick search on the internet I was fearful everything on the drive was a goner because it was referred to as the click of death. I contacted Don and he was extremely helpful. When I dropped the drive off he gave me a tour of his place and carefully explained the process to me. I left feeling hopeful. He was able to recover everything from my drive. I couldn’t be more grateful as it was filled with personal images that are irreplaceable and also contained valuable work data.

Bryn Nealis, Philadelphia, PA