Professional Data Recovery offered locally on-site

Tri-State Data Recovery has recovered data from thousands of hard drives.

Data Recovery is broken down into 3 levels of complexity for failing hard drives.  Failed RAID arrays or NAS devices incorporate a different and more complex method of recovery since they usually consist of multiple hard drives and failure points.  FLASH devices or working with degraded NAND such as; USB sticks, memory cards or solid state drives also require different advanced techniques for data recovery.

The following pages go into more detail regarding the different levels of data recovery.

A World-Class Data Recovery laboratory local to Philadelphia and King of Prussia located inside of Collegeville Station.

Tri-State Data Recovery office location

 We are so devoted to providing the best possible recovery attempt that we continuously travel internationally to partake in the most advanced developer trainings in the world and possess an unmatched skill set here in America.  We work with all legacy and modern hard drives including all levels of RAID and NAS devices and servers.  We also work with degraded NAND or damaged flash drives and SSD devices providing advanced chip-off techniques if possible.

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