Why is one of the greatest cities in the world using computer shops, new pop up “data recovery companies” and inexperienced technicians for damaged hard drive data recovery services?

Avoid the permanent loss of your data from mishandling by inexperienced computer techs that run software on your damaged hard drive or middle man it out to a lab across the country for a ballooning quote.

New York City will soon have its first local world class advanced data recovery lab from Tri-State Data Recovery 

Tri-State Data Recovery NYC

Tri-State Data Recovery coming to NYC 2020

I recently suffered a complete failure of my hard drive. After another company was unable to help, Tri-State recovered all of my data. Owner Don Anderson did a difficult job with consummate professionalism and obvious skill. Highly recommended.

Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff, Greater New York City Area Government Administration

I researched my options extensively (and obsessively) across Philly and New York. Once I read through Tri-State Data Recovery’s stellar reviews and spoke to Don on the phone twice, I knew this was the way to go and was completely confident that he could do everything that the big LA shop could do (and likely with better odds). Seeing his space and clean room corroborated this – in addition to his impressive training, his workspace is cutting-edge (and well-designed!). He graciously gave me a tour to help me visualize the process – I knew my computer would need some serious surgery to remove the drive and he showed me his microsoldering station and a bunch of other cool stuff. When I left my computer with him, I felt an enormous sense of relief knowing that it was in the best hands possible.

Don initially told me he would need a few days to assess the computer, so imagine my surprise when he emailed me that same evening (literally hours later) with the news that he was confident he could recover the data – I was overjoyed and totally overcome with relief and emotion. He started work and recovered my data in full – it was ready for pick-up DAYS later – and let me underscore that it was at a much, much more reasonable rate than the folks in California quoted me.

Don’s process for recovery is professional, organized and makes it so easy on the customer. He is a benevolent person who is helping people who are at a seriously low point, and he does so with integrity and empathy. I am so thankful for his kindness, and his genius skill set at data recovery.

Jennifer Easton, Philadelphia, PA

Tri State Data recovery exceeded my expectations. We had a hard drive at the office die, and of course the hard drive was not backed up. Don was able to recover all of the data within a day! Highly recommended.

Mac Sobelewski, American Water Works

“We were in the middle of a network upgrade when one of my main storage servers decided to up and die on us. The server contained a lot of archived files as well as some profiles which would have been very difficult to replace. After several failed attempts at recovering the data, i was referred to Tri-State. Don brought back all of the data which I was convinced was lost forever. I highly recommend using Tri-State for your data recovery needs.”

Excelente!!! O trabalho foi muito rápido e os meus dados 100% recuperados. Recomendo a Tri-State Data Recovery para todos. Muito Obrigada Don Anderson por salvar documentos tão importantes.

Mariana Gerage Maggioni, Piracicaba, Brazil

I am from Guyana (South America). We contacted Tri-State Data Recovery & Forensics LLC for a particular job that everyone was declaring as “impossible”. The help, customer care and returns from this company was exceptional. Not only was I able to recover the critical files needed, I also got it on time and was even able to review the process (and make decisions) before making payment.
Thanks Don! Thanks Tri-State Data Recovery.

Yog Mahadeo, Guyana, South America