If the DATA is important then no.

Advanced Laboratory Data Recovery and Computer Shop Data Recovery are not the same.  More damage, complete data loss and outsourcing often occurs and has contributed to petabytes of data loss annually due to unethical outsourcing and underqualified tampering.

Data Recovery software that you can purchase online and download is not safe for failing hard drives and often causes a more expensive recovery cost or complete data loss.  If your drive is making strange sounds, locking the computer up, running slow or requesting that you format it then these are all indications that you are dealing with a failing hard drive or usb flash drive.

Professional Data Recovery is a process where the drive along with all of the issues that caused its failure must be repaired before the DATA can be parsed through. Once we can safely move forward with the logical recovery, our hardware automatically parses the DATA while separating any files that couldn’t be read completely due to media damage so we don’t have to look through the data ourselves unless it’s required due to file system corruption.  This method provides you with a thorough and professional data recovery while understanding exactly what you have lost and keeping your DATA completely private.  -TriStateData.com

There are many reasons that Tri-State Data Recovery stands out from the rest beginning with our training.  Professional laboratory data recovery is not taught in any college or courses in America and has been badly damaged with poor YouTube content in recent years.

The technology derives from Europe.  Our engineer, Don Anderson, has spent five years traveling through Europe partaking in extensive training courses taught by developers and in-lab collaborations with some of the best engineers in the world.  This ensures that you have the best chance at recovering your invaluable DATA working with us by our high standards of practice combined with industry leading knowledge.  We pride ourselves on being fair and transparent about our process and will happily walk you through step-by-step.  After the case has been completed, we will provide a follow-up email with our suggestions moving forward with your data security.

Data Loss is stressful but Data Recovery Services don’t have to be.

You may have noticed during your search for a professional data recovery service that they nearly all advertise 98%-99% success rates.  Along with low flat rates this is just another lure tactic.  That is if we are talking about successful cases, however, many drives that are recoverable have a success rate of 99% (successfully recovered uncorrupted data) upon completion.  Many factors come into play when determining the probability of success.  Such as running software scans on failing drives, opening outside of a cleanroom, and tampering from computer shops.  The reality is that they can be destroyed very easily from bad practice.  The best odds of success occur when no attempts have been made immediately following the failure.

If your drive is recoverable then we can do it and usually at a 99+% success rate.

Outsourcing client data is an unethical business practice and contributes to petabytes of data loss annually.  We pride ourselves on the fact that all work is performed on-site in our world-class lab and kept secure.  Your case will be worked on by the engineer who you will meet or speak to when dropping off the failed media device at our lab in Collegeville, Pennsylvania which is located right outside of King of Prussia and Philadelphia.

Timing varies depending on the amount of damage the drive may have, but most cases are completed within 2 weeks.  Expedited services are also offered for an additional fee where we will work around the clock until completion.

These are lure tactics designed to make you believe that they offer the same quality of service at an unrealistic price.  Some companies across the country, particularly in California, have done very well with these unethical tactics by charging nothing other than their flat (starting rate), which is the same as most of the more advanced companies starting rate.  They turn away the time consuming or advanced cases often causing more damage.  Since the quantity of drives they receive amounts to a decent revenue, and by charging nothing on the cases that they turn away, they can keep their reputation fairly good.  Read more…

We ask that you schedule an appointment for in-lab drop offs so that the engineer can meet with you in person to discuss your case with you.

Despite what you may have read online or have been told by a tech-savvy friend, not all drives can be recovered.  Continuously tampering with a failed hard drive from data recovery software that hammers away at the bad sectors which could result in a head crash and platter destruction is a prime example.  Unethical computer shops are known to do this along with placing the drive in a freezer or even baking it in an oven, yes really.  The data is written and read on platters (discs) through the heads magnetically on tracks by floating above and below.  If the surfaces become scratched from the failing heads because of this tampering then irrevocable data loss will occur.

We understand that sometimes the value of the DATA is not particularly worth the cost of undergoing professional data recovery.  This is why we offer a no obligation quote upon completion of the diagnostic.  If you deny the quote then nothing further due other than the nominal fee that you initially paid to have your hard drive professionally assessed.  You can either pick the drive back up in our lab or we can ship the drive back to you at cost of shipping.

Yes, absolutely.  We encourage local clients’ to pick up the recovered DATA in our lab upon completion.  We will set up the new drive with your recovered DATA on it on a PC in our lab so that you can view the results of the recovery before making the payment.  Alternatively, we can send a complete file list by email to be viewed if you’d like us to ship the new drive back to you.

Once we have completed the thorough analysis of your drive and provided you with a firm quote there is no risk to you moving forward.  If the attempt doesn’t work out after we have put the work into the case then nothing further is owed other than the diagnostic fee that you have initially paid before the process has started.

Sometimes parts are not needed and other times the parts fees are included in the recovery quote that is given to you upon completion of the diagnostic.  There are times when the odds of success are low, and we may require the cost of the parts upfront so that we do not lose money if the case isn’t successful.  The parts fees would then be deducted from the total quote upon success.  This will be explained fully after the extensive diagnostic has been completed.

We will keep a copy of your DATA on our secure servers for two weeks after completion, unless other arrangements have been made.  This will ensure that you have time to create a backup of the newly recovered DATA.

We start all cases with a thorough diagnostic.  At times we can create a file list to help you determine if you’d like to proceed with the attempt.  Other times we must put all the work into the case before we can provide this list requiring approval and payment upon a successful completion.  Please review the PRICING page to decide if the data is worth the cost of recovery.

Yes, we pride ourselves on offering the most beneficial referral program from one of the nations most capable labs!  Please see our referral program.

Yes!  We have undergone HIPAA security training programs and follow all guidelines regarding HIPAA privacy.  We can also provide you with a NDA upon request.

Yes, we have worked with Federal and Local government along with businesses and private individuals.