Step 1

Download and fill out the Authorization/Agreement Form

To start the process please print and complete the form carefully. Do not forget to hand sign and date in the appropriate space authorizing us to proceed with the attempt. If another company referred you, please list the referrer in the appropriate space on the form.

Step 1

Download and fill out the Authorization/Agreement Form

To start the process, please fill out the form below carefully. Once completed, please print the form and hand sign and date in the appropriate space. Remember to note the most important data needed.

Below you will find your three options and proceeding instructions on starting the process with Tri-State Data Recovery & Forensics, LLC

Pennsylvania’s Advanced – Hard Drive, Server and SSD Data Recovery Laboratory.

Option 1

Local Drop Off

Call to schedule an appointment.

Drop off drive(s) with completed authorization form at

50 W Third Ave Suite 210, Collegeville, PA 19426.

Inside of Collegeville Station on the first floor across from Bonjung 

If you would like to drop off your drive(s) in person you can schedule an appointment to drop off and pick up your storage device at our Collegeville laboratory.  The safest and most secure option when dealing with important data and damaged media is always to hand deliver.  You can meet with the data recovery engineer working on your case and you can verify the recovered data in person at our office upon completion.  We kindly ask that all local clients’ call to schedule an appointment so that the engineer can be available to meet with you. Please complete the authorization form and bring it with you. If you do not have access to a printer then we can supply the form in our office.

Option 2

Using the Secure Dropbox

Located in front of the laboratory inside of Collegeville Station

Pack your drive(s) securely in a box (shoebox size is fine), include the completed authorization form and a check for the diagnostic fee.

The building is open from 8am-12am daily and the drop box is located directly in front of the lab on the first floor across from Bonjung. To use the drop box, open the lid and place your box inside and then close slowly. Your package will gently fall into a padded and locked bin. Call us or use the contact form below to let us know that you have delivered the drive(s) off using the drop box so that we can start your case without delay.

tristatedata drop box


It’s very important to follow these instructions if you decide to ship your sensitive device.

Shipping Instructions

  1. To prevent further damage, the drive(s) should be enclosed in an anti-static bag and wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent banging around inside of the box
  2. Please include the signed and completed authorization form
  3. Enclose a check for your diagnostic or pay with the PayPal link at the bottom of this page
  4. Ship to:
Tri-State Data Recovery

50 W Third Ave, Suite 210

Collegeville, PA 19426

We recommend FedEx, DHL or UPS shipping.  Signature is not required but a tracking number must be obtained.  Please be certain to keep your tracking information and use the form below to send us a message providing us with the tracking information so there is no confusion to where the drive is and we know when to expect it. You have the option of including a good external drive to copy the recovered data onto or you can purchase a new drive from us.

Please be aware that shipping your sensitive device is the least secure option that include several outside risks.

Send us your tracking information or a note.

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