• Bad sectors can start forming from age, electrical surges, or even a slight drop or bang.  If you notice slow performance, I/O errors or your system locking up this could be caused from bad sectors.  We use professional equipment to skip over the bad areas and go back to them later with a different configuration. We build a master file table or catalog file (MAC) and target your important data first before attempting recovery on less important data.

  • Firmware is like the operating system of the hard drive. It has critical modules, system files and the translator.
    It holds special adaptives that are unique to your drive and instructs the drive how and where to access the user data. Firmware corruption is a common issue when dealing with damaged hard drives. Particular families of drives, especially in Seagate, are known for firmware bugs. Special equipment like the PC3000 are required to access the firmware and make repairs.

  • The printed circuit board or (PCB) can become shorted from a surge. If replacing the PCB then the ROM must be reprogrammed onto the donor PCB. It’s very important to keep all original parts of the drive. The ROM is unique to your drive and required to access data.

Tri-State Data Recovery uses PC3000Tri-State Data Recovery uses DeepSpar