• Tri-State Data Recovery has the most efficient and thorough process, perfectly executed by people that care.  

  • If you notice any strange noises like clicking or beeping coming from your drive then you are most likely dealing with damaged heads.  Stop powering at once!  Damaged heads can destroy the platters and make data recovery impossible.  Head replacement is a very delicate process performed in a class 10 clean room by an experienced data recovery engineer. Depending on the amount of damage different techniques that were learned throughout years of training and experience must be applied accordingly.

  • Was your drive opened outside of a clean room? It is best to never open a drive outside of a clean room if the data is important. Platter contamination can easily be obtained from opening a drive outside of a clean room and/or touching areas of the platters without proper gloves. We have several methods of decontaminating platters. These type of recoveries require much time and have lower odds of success.

  • Drive doesn’t spin any more? There are several reasons this could happen but normally this is caused from a drop or bang. The heads could be jammed into the platters and must be removed, followed by a full examination for damage. Beeping could also indicate that the motor could be seized calling for the most advanced methods of recovery like a platter swap.

  • Extreme cases.  We experience extreme cases occasionally that require decontaminating platters or modifying heads if the surface of the platter is severely damaged.  In cases like this there is a chance (determined after diagnostic has been completed) a partial recovery can be obtained depending on where the platter damage is.  These cases could be timely and costly due to parts.

Tri-State Data Recovery head examination