300 dollar data

Are you a managed solution provider or IT firm that receives the occasional damaged hard drive, NAS, or failed RAID array in for data recovery?  Tri-State Data Recovery is pleased to announce the nation’s most beneficial data recovery referral program from one of America’s most capable professional data recovery firms.

A mother's plea to find a local data recovery laboratory

At the end of another summer on an unusually humid day, the phone rang.
A woman on the other side of the line pleaded like a mother with an ill child.., “I need your help!”.
Sensing the emotion in her voice, I calmly replied “Tell me what happened?”

Flat rate or Flat service? As the niche industry known as data recovery becomes more and more flooded with PC repair shops, technology solution providers, cell phone repair stores and even the big box electronics stores tapping into the professional data recovery industry, the confusion, deception, and fraud has reached a global climax.

As a professional data recovery laboratory, imagine receiving case after case of drives destroyed from negligent practices and parties left devastated.  Some will be victims of lawsuits from losing their clients’ work.  Our objective at Tri-State Data Recovery & Forensics LLC is to build awareness of the rapid incline of unscrupulous activity in “data recovery services”, and by creating a more honest and educated industry for the future of America.

Many of our clients ask the question “Is backing up to the cloud safe?”.  In this article we will go over the risks involved in backing up your data to the cloud and true personal experiences that we’ve encountered involving cloud security.

In this article I will explain the common misconceptions found all over the internet regarding the lifespan of a hard drive.  After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of how and why a hard drive fails.